CSCBL Events Diary Season 2009                                 


April                                                                               July

Tue   14th         League Divisions ABCD                        Fri    24th     Cup Final C Division

Tue   21st         League Divisions ABCD                                            Rhos Park

Tue   28th         League Divisions ABCD                        Tue   28th     League Divisions ABCD

May                                                                                 Fri    31st     Cup Final D Division

Fri      1st         League Division D Only                                            Sunny Rhyl

Tue    5th                League Divisions ABCD                         August

Tue  12th          League Divisions ABCD                         Tue   4th      League Divisions ABCD

Fri   15th          Cup Round 1 Divisions ABCD               Fri    7th      Colwyn Festival Postponed Matches   

Tue  19th                League Divisions ABCD                                            Eirias Park A    v Grove Park A    (Div A)

Fri   22nd         League Division D Only                                             Rhos Park A     v Trefnant A                                         (Div A)

Tue  26th          League Divisions ABCD                                            Llysfaen A        v Mochdre Park A (Div B)

Fri   29th          Cup Round 2 Divisions ABCD                                  Old Colwyn A    v Min y Don           (Div B)

June                                                                                                     Mochdre Park B v Llysfaen B               (Div D)

Tue   2nd          League Divisions ABCD                                            *Rhos Park C  v *Rhos on Sea C (Div D)

Tue   9th           League Divisions ABCD                          Tue  11th      League Divisions ABCD

Fri  12th          Cup Semi Finals Divisions ABCD           Fri   14th      C&D Pairs Early Rounds at

Tue 16th           League Divisions ABCD                                            Mochdre Park and Llysfaen                     

Fri  19th           Open Pairs Early Rounds at                     Tue  18th    League Divisions ABCD

                        Highbury, Mochdre Park,                         Fri    21st   C&D Pairs Final at

                        Old Colwyn and Rhos-on-Sea                                    Grove Park

Tue 23rd           League Divisions ABCD                          Tue  25th    League Divisions ABCD             

Fri  26th           Open Pairs Final at                                   September                                                

                        Rhyl                                                          Tue    1st    League Divisions ABCD                 

Tue 30th           League Divisions ABCD                          Fri     4th    League Division D Only

July                                                                                   Tue    8th    League Divisions ABCD

Fri    3rd           League Division D Only                          Fri    11th   Pontins Event Postponed Matches               

Tue   7th           League Divisions ABCD                                            Abergele A       v Fron Park                (Div A)

Fri   10th          Cup Final A Division at                                             Grove Park A    v Kinmel Bay A      (Div A)

                        Mochdre Park                                                             Llysfaen A        v Highbury A              (Div B)

Tue  14th          League Divisions ABCD                          Tue  15th    Merits - A Division at Highbury        

Fri   17th          Cup Final B Division at                                                         - B Division at Meliden         

                        Trefnant                                                    Fri    18th   Merits - C Division at Llysfaen

Tue  21st          League Divisions ABCD                                                        - D Division at Rhuddlan                                                                                                 

      Fri    25th   Presidents Day at St Asaph

* bold match is an early morning start.


Pairs Competitions, Merits Competitions and Presidents Day start at 11.00am.