Anglesey/Bangor & District Crown Green Bowling Association


Fixtures and Match Play Rules


1. Laws of the Game: every game played in the Monday and Wednesday night Leagues together with


the matches in the cup competitions - namely the Festival Cup, John Griffiths Shield, Whitworth Cup,


and the Tony Hughes Cup must be played under the name of the British Crown Green Bowling


Association ( the parent body ).


2. Affiliation / Cup Fees: there will be a standard affiliation fee per tea irrespective of the number of


players registered, playing in the Monday and Wednesday Night Leagues.  There will be an additional


fee per team entering the Whitworth and Festival Cup competitions.  These two fees will be


confirmed at the AGM.


Affiliation fees must be submitted to the Association's Treasurer no later than May 31st each year.


 Failure to comply with this ruling will render the guilty, the club's registered teams, and they will be


suspended from the League or Leagues with effect from June 1st until the said Affiliation / Cup fees


have been paid.  Any matches missed during this period of suspension will be awarded to the


opposing team(s).


3. Player Registrations: each player must be registered on the approved registration form.  The


registration shall be done by the club secretary and the for submitted to the nominated official


stipulated on the form no later than the 30th April.  Additional players can be registered, if not


already registered with another club playing in the league, up to and including the last fixture of the




If any club includes an unregistered player in the team, the score of his/ her game shall be made void


and the opposing team shall be awarded 21points and 1 point for a win.


Transfer requests between clubs must be sent to the Executive Committee for consideration.  Such


requests shall not be considered if a player has played more than one game for another club during


the season.  Transfer of players from teams within the same club will be allowed if they have not


already played a match for their respective A or B team.


Clubs entering two teams must lodge annually a separate list of registered players for each team.


4. All games in the League shall be 21 up, played with a standard jack.


5.  Teams to consist of 10 (ten) players, other than in the Monday Night League where teams " may "


play with 8 (eight) or 9 (nine) players.  Matches can only commence if there are a minimum of eight


(8) players listed to play.


Teams playing with less than ten (10) players in the Wednesday Night League will be fined 2.50 for


each game conceded.


6.  All League matches to commence at 6:30 on Monday-Wednesday evenings as per the fixture list,


unless mutually rearranged.  The Management Committee are empowered to fine clubs causing late


starts without reasonable explanation.


7.  In the event of any protest or dispute, the Hon Secretary shall be notified, in writing, within three


days and he/she will convene a meeting of the Executive Committee.


8. Matches postponed for any reason must be rearranged and played within fourteen (14) days of


the original date with the aggrieved club to arrange an alternative date. If no agreement can be


reached, the Fixture Secretary shall decide on a date binding to both clubs. Should a club not fulfil


the fixture on the rearranged date, a fine of 10 will be imposed on the club and the full points


forfeited to the opponents.


9. In the event of inclement weather, the home club officials and/or the green keeper shall decide if


play is to commence. If the match has commenced and rain stops play, the question of finishing the


match on the day scheduled shall be determined by two officials from each club. If they fail to agree


one hour after stoppage owing to rain, the match shall be adjourned and agreed to another time


and date (see rule 8 ).


Definition of "Adjourned" (as per North Wales Coast Bowling League Handbook)


A. The scores of individual matches that been completed shall stand.


B. If there are four or less games in play and uncompleted, such games must be resumed from the


spot where they stopped play and all games to be played off with original scorecards marked from


the point of breaking off.


C. In the event of one player of an uncompleted game being absent on the rearranged date, his


opponent, being present, shall be credited with a win - the absent player being credited with the


score at the time the match was adjourned. Such score to be recorded in the match result or if two


players of an adjourned game are both absent, two substitutes shall be allowed, the uncompleted


game to be declared void and the game restarted.


D. Individual games, not commenced on the original date, then if any player(s) in the original


team(s) is/are absent, then substitutes will be allowed on the rearranged date.


E. No player having played on the original date shall be allowed to play as a substitute on the


rearranged date.


F. Postponed and adjourned matches must be played off within fourteen ( 14 ) days of the date


fixed by the fixture list. The Fixture Secretary to be informed by both clubs.


10. The visiting team shall have the use of the green fifteen (15) minutes prior to the


commencement of the match and shall have the honour of delivering the first jack. Players will be


numbered 1 to 10, or 1 to 8 in the Monday Night League, by the home and away captains, and play


in that order. If a player is numbered 1 to 4 he/she must be present to play at 6:30 pm.


11. Team captains must submit their teams, including two reserves prior to the commencement of


the match. Any team member not present one hour after the commencement time of the match


shall be replaced by a reserve or substitute. No reserve(s) or substitute(s) shall be allowed after the


time limit has been expired.


12. League matches shall be decided on the "points" system. One point for each individual winner


and two extra points for the team with the better aggregate or one point for each tied aggregate.


13. Any player drawn against an "absent" player shall count as a 21-0 win for team purposes and a


21-11 wins for individual purposes. No player shall be allowed to play twice in the Wednesday Night


League but can now do so under the new rules applying to the Monday Night League (as amended in


the 2012 AGM).


14. Measuring shall be carried out by one member from each team. Disputes shall be settled by the


team captains. Markers to check the cards every three ends.


15. The host club shall be responsible for organising any League Competition allocated to their




16. The League shall provide a prize for the best Senior, Lady, and Junior players - winners to be


decided by the number of wins primarily but if a tie, aggregate to count, e.g. Played 10 won 10


aggregate plus 79 being superior to played 10 won 9 plus 83. Players need not play in every match.


17. The Monday and Wednesday Night Leagues shall be made of one division with a maximum of


twelve (12) teams. New teams wishing to join a league will be put on a waiting list until a vacancy




Teams in both leagues shall play each other on a "home" and "away" basis.


A Presidents Day Competition shall be held in April of the following season. Such a competition will


be a "singles" competition comprising of the top "averages" player in each team that played in the


league the previous season. If that player is not available then the second, third etc must play. Each


team must be represented and failure to do so will render a club liable to a fine of 10. Prize money


will be given in the sum of 40 to the winner, 20 to the runner-up and losing semi-finalists 10




18. No notice confirming any fixture is needed except in circumstances where the commencement


time has been changed, in which case the "away" club secretary is to given three days notice of the


change in time by the "home" club secretary.


19. Any fixture can be reversed provided both participating clubs agree.


20. Each "home" club captain shall the post the match result card to reach the Fixture Secretary for


the Monday Night League by Thursday of the same week and the Wednesday Night League by the


Saturday of that week. Failure to do so will result in a 5 fine for the first failure and 10 for every


subsequent failure.


21. Preliminary Rounds of the Association's Cups : See summary of the said rule attached.


22. Finals of the Association's Cups : See summary of the said rule attached.


23. All league trophies etc shall be valued and insured at the Hon Secretary's discretion.


24. All league fixtures and team competitions shall take precedence over all other "outside"


interests of individuals playing in other leagues.


25. All entry fees for the Ivor Owen Cup, League Cup, Pairs Cups and Jack Carlis Cup shall be


presented as prize monies to the winner(s), runner(s)-up and two losing semi-finalists. The entry fee


per player will be determined at the AGM. No replica trophies shall be presented other than the


Cup/Shield concerned. Each "member" club shall honour the entry fee(s) should one or more


players scratch prior to the competition taking place.


26. Entries for the Pairs Cups shall be accepted as any two league registered players from the same


or different clubs.


27. The League shall organise a Junior Under 18's Cup Knockout Competition and award an annual


trophy with a retainable replica for the winner and runner-up.


28. In the event of large entries being received for any of the League Cup competitions, excluding


the Junior Cup, the organising secretary could if/she wishes, instruct that the preliminary and first


round matches be played with plus five (5) points on the scorecard.


29. The dates and venues decided upon for all Anglesey/Bangor & District CGBA league


competitions at the Annual General Meeting shall not, under any circumstances, be changed to


accommodate other competitions or matches which fall outside the jurisdiction of the


aforementioned league.


30. The closing date for all the Anglesey/Bangor & District CGBA league competitions shall be 8pm


on the Saturday prior to the advertised date. Late entries will be accepted at the discretion of the


organising secretary.


31. Teams losing in their first round match in the Whitworth and Festival Cups will be entered in the


draw for the Tony Hughes Cup and the John Griffiths Shield respectively. The match rules for these


competitions shall be the same as those for the Whitworth and Festival Cups.


32. Team captains must ensure their players wear suitable flat soled footwear before stepping onto


the green, except when medical reasons prevail.


33. League Championship Cups (Monday and Wednesday Night Leagues)


33(i). All teams in the league shall play under one division as determined by rule 17.


33(ii). All teams playing in the Wednesday Night League shall consist of ten (10) players playing ten


(10) singles matches on a home and away basis. At the end of the season the team with the most


points shall be deemed to be the winner of the league and will be awarded the League


Championship Cup. Other places within the division shall be decided on the same basis.


33(iii). All teams playing in the Monday Night League shall play each other on a home and away


basis. Teams to consist of a maximum of ten (10) players and a minimum of eight (8) players. Teams


that can only raise seven (7) players have the right to request a postponement of the match. Games


will be played in groups of three (3) singles matches and one (1) doubles match followed by three (3)


singles matches and one (1) doubles match. If a team can only raise 8/9 players at the start of the


match they can nominate 1/2 players that played in the first three singles matches to play again in


the second doubles match. All doubles matches matches will start with three (3) points on the


scorecard. At the end of the season the team with the most points/aggregate shall be deemed the


winner of the league and shall be awarded the League Championship Cup. Other places within the


division shall be decided on the same principal.


34. Individual Honours


34(I). The individual league champion shall be the player with the best record of wins and losses and


of the best "for" and "against" aggregate, and shall be awarded a cash prize.


34(ii). The individual ladies champion shall be determined in a similar manner and shall be awarded


a cash prize.


34(iii). The individual under 18 champion will likewise be determined and shall be awarded a cash


prize. To qualify for this award a player must be under eighteen (18) years of age on April 1st of that




35. Awards


These will be determined annually by the Executive Committee, and shall be awarded as per the


following :


League Champion and Runner Up (Monday and Wednesday Night Leagues)


Winner of the Whitworth Cup/Festival Cup and runners-up


Winner of the John Griffiths Shield/Tony Hughes Cup and runners-up


Individual senior/lady/junior winners both leagues


36. Disciplinary Committee


A committee of five (5) people will be elected annually at the AGM


37. Disclaimer Forms


These trophies shall be signed for by all captains/individuals in receipt of the following trophies:


Anglesey Monday League Cup


Bangor & District Wednesday League Cup


Whitworth Cup


Festival Cup


Tony Hughes Cup


John Griffiths Shield


Ivor Owen Cup


Jack Carliss Cup


League Cup


Anglesey Monday League Pairs Cup


Bangor & District Wednesday Pairs Cup


Under 18's Cup.


Updated January 2013 by D G Mathias League Secretary.